Fly Away Home
Dec 17th, 2013 by jonmoss

Happy snow day, everyone!  I hope you’ve gotten to go out and play!  Here are a few activities you can do while you warm up, hopefully with a cup of hot cocoa!

In class, we’ve been reading stories by Eve Bunting.  We’ve found some similar themes, character traits, problems, and styles among the three books.  Today, I have a fourth book for you.  It’s about a boy and his father who don’t have a nice, warm home to stay in as you and I do.  They live in a place that you might not expect people to LIVE in.  It’s a bit of a sad book, but it fits well with our Kindness Week.  Watch the video, below, and then scroll down for the next steps.

After you watch the video, I have a NEW wall set up on Padlet.  There are two discussion questions.  Feel free to post your ideas by clicking HERE.  The password is the same as yesterday!

Also, remember that you brought home the Lesson 21 math worksheet.  If you feel so inclined, complete the circled items.  Be sure to use the graph paper I gave you, and pay careful attention to how you ROUND the numbers.

Back up!
Dec 16th, 2013 by jonmoss

Our class website is back up and running after about five days of being down for maintenance. It looks the same right now, but there are some under-the-hood upgrades that should improve site reliability and functionality, and they will set the groundwork for a site redesign that I hope you begin (and maybe finish) over the winter break.  Stay tuned for a survey that will ask for your thoughts on features and elements that you would and would not like to see.  Thanks for your patience during the down-time!

Padlet Discussions
Dec 16th, 2013 by jonmoss

In class, we have used Padlet as a tool to support online discussions.  There are three discussion topics for today:

Simile Practice – Students should visit the page and post a simile about Saturday’s snow storm. (1-2 posts per student tonight, please.)

Improving Beginnings – On this Padlet wall, students can revise a dull story starter by using one of the five techniques we have worked on in class.  (1-4 posts per student tonight, please.)

Acts of Kindness – It’s Kindness Week in room 209, and we’re looking to see how many acts of kindness kids themselves can perform for others.  An act of kindness doesn’t need to be anything big – it can be anything that helps a friend, relative, or stranger.  Kids can post quick notes about their acts of kindness, along with kind acts done by their family members.  (1 or more posts by the end of the week, please.)

For security reasons, the Padlet walls are all password protected.  The password is the name of the PGS mascot, all in lower case letters.

For privacy reasons, please NEVER EVER use your names on online discussions.  Use your class number where you see the line for your name.

Northeast Research Information
Dec 4th, 2013 by jonmoss

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