Items needed for Sycamore Day
Jun 13th, 2012 by jonmoss

-A swimsuit
-A towel
-Blue PGS signature t-shirt
-Change of clothes
-Sneakers, no sandals
-Small backpack for spare stuff, and more bags for emptying the classroom!
-Bring your muscular arms and legs so that our class can again win the Nolan Cup at the tug-o-war!!!! Huzzah!

Thoughts and comments about our class website
Jun 12th, 2012 by jonmoss

This year, we’ve used our class website for many different activities and purposes. In a comment, respond to some of the following questions.

    What do you like about our class website?
    What do you dislike about our class website?
    What was particularly helpful to you?
    What sorts of activities did you enjoy the most? The least?
    What changes or additions should Mr. Moss make to the class website to improve it or to improve its activities?
NTS: What would you have done?
Jun 5th, 2012 by jonmoss

In class today, we read about what happened when the Nazi soldiers came into Annemarie’s home. After they left, who would be the first to speak? What would he or she say? How would the conversation develop? Share your ideas by commenting, below. If you’re replying to someone, click the REPLY link under their message.

Fun Activities for the Year’s End
Jun 5th, 2012 by jonmoss

One of the really fun parts about the end of the academic year is having the flexibility to add in creative activities that are enriching but may not fit into our thematic units earlier in the year. Yesterday, for example, the kids developed and executed a plan for measuring the distance that I walk when I collect papers in numerical order. (We’ll find the answer today!) Tomorrow, Mrs. O’Brien and I will debate the merits of The Giving Tree and will let the kids decide who was more convincing. Of course Sycamore Day is fast approaching, and I have a few more activities up my sleeve that I’m not quite ready to announce.

In preparing for some of the upcoming activities, I need a bit of help, if you’re willing. First, I need some volunteers to send in gallons or half gallons of skim milk. (I don’t know of any dairy allergies, but if there are, I’d love an acceptable non-dairy alternative too.) I also would love some disposable plastic tea cups – the kind with contoured plastic handles for warm beverages. If you can help with either or both of these needs, please email me (before sending in anything, please).

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