Ed Tech Tweets

I tried out Twitter in April, 2011 after learning about different ways it could be used for professional development.  Before that, I (like so many others) thought that Twitter was just another social media site with a bit of trashy reputation.  Since I joined Twitter, I’ve completely changed my feeling about the service.  Twitter is full of professionals and experts who routinely share ideas, resources, and strategies with fellow users.  I’ve learned a lot and try to share valuable resources as I find them.  That’s why you’ll find a brief Twitter feed of my recent tweets on the lower-right sidebar on any page, and there’s a link to my Twitter page on the top menubar.  If you’re not a Twitter user, here are my recent tweets and retweets.  Are you a teacher or education professional interested in learning more integrating Twitter into your best practices?  Take a look at a workshop I led in December, 2011 about ways to use Twitter as an educator.  I hope this is helpful for you!


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