Workshop Objectives

  • Identify the difference between SMART Boards and Interactive Whiteboards (IAWs)
  • Briefly review how SMART Boards work
  • Briefly review how to use the basic features of SMART Notebook
  • Examine the 10 Principles of Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Design and Implementation
  • Look at examples of the principles put into practice
  • Develop lessons together that use the principles


  • There are shockingly few GOOD videos on the internet that effectively show you how to use SMART Notebook for basic teaching functions.  One helpful set I found was made by an educational technologist named Marcia Jeans.  Her YouTube page has over 25 short videos that teach you specific skills you’ll need to be a SMART Notebook “power user” in the classroom.  When on her page, enter “SMART Notebook” in the search box to find the relevant tutorials.
  • Download the Principles of Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Design and Implementation here.
  • Download SMART Notebook here.   Remember, you can legitimately download SMART Notebook 10 for use in your classroom or at home as long as your BUILDING has a SMART Board.  Notebook 10 has a 30 day free trial, but you can enter the serial number of your SMART Board to register your software.
  • Try out SMART Notebook Express here.  Remember, this is still a beta (work-in-progress) release, so some features haven’t been implemented yet and there may still be some bugs.  But it definitely works!