Hello WordCamp Boston!  Here are some assorted resources to help you to use WordPress to create a class or school website.

  • Download my notes in color or in grayscale (large file, but suitable for printing).
  • Watch my presentation (on WordPress TV, or embedded below.)

  • Watch my tutorials for customizing a brand new WordPress site

Initial WordPress Site Configuration (June 26, 2012) from Jon Moss on Vimeo.

Adding Initial Content to your New WordPress Site from Jon Moss on Vimeo.

  • Consider trying Inspiration to plan out the organization of your site map.  (It’s also great to use with students!)
  • Although I recommend starting with content and minimizing your use of “placeholder” content, sometimes it is necessary when you want to see how, for example, five or six blog entries would look on your new site.  The lorem ipsum generator is a great resource for placeholder text.
  • My preferred plugins:
  • Other recommended resources will be added as I encounter them!  Thanks for your interest! :-)