About Jon

Jon is a fourth grade teacher in Avon, Connecticut.  As his school’s lead educational technology teacher, Jon works with teachers to integrate technology into their instruction.  This has taken many forms over the years as his school adopted electronic report cards, began using online data collection, and phased in SMART Boards throughout the school.  Jon serves on the district technology council where educational technology leaders from all district schools work to shift instruction, methods, and district approaches toward 21st century skills.  Jon also serves as the building grant mentor for the Avon Education Foundation, is a member of the school climate committee, and has served on curriculum revision committee for science and the report card revision committee.

Jon is a 2004 summa cum laude graduate of the University of Rhode Island and has a B.A. in both elementary education and psychology (focusing in experimental social psychology).  Jon is a 2010 graduate of Central Connecticut State University and has a M.S. in Educational Technology from the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Technology.  He has particular interest in interactive whiteboard integration, distance learning, design (web, graphic, and video), and professional development for teachers and other professionals.

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